Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Holiday Gift Guide 2022

By |2022-12-08T11:31:43-06:00December 8th, 2022|Environmental Impact, Healthy Lifestyle, Natural Parenting|

One of the ways to express how much we love and care about the planet is by giving holiday gifts that Mother Nature would approve of. Green gifts can come in all shapes, sizes, and themes and benefit the environment in a variety of ways. Products can be organic, vegan, plastic-free, made from recycled materials, consist of sustainable ingredients, include eco-labels, or have an environmental theme. Whether you are shopping [...]

Surviving Pandemic And Motherhood

By |2020-05-04T12:19:29-05:00May 4th, 2020|Natural Parenting|

This pandemic has hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m a medical doctor, and I have a background in public health and epidemiology (the study of disease)- This has made me keenly aware of the impact COVID-19 would have on our lives, as well as the lasting changes it would make on our society. In early March, as I saw the tidal wave that was coming for us, I [...]

How to Practice “Elimination Communication” and Go Diaper-Free

By |2020-03-05T15:13:04-06:00March 1st, 2020|Natural Parenting|

It may stink at first, but EC doesn't have to be all or nothing. Ever heard of “elimination communication”? I hadn’t either until I asked villagers in Myanmar what they did when their bare-bottomed infants had to poop or pee. “Take them to the toilet,” the women told me with a shrug. I was four months pregnant when my husband and I traveled through Southeast Asia. All of the naked [...]

How Organic Cotton Can Help Comfort and Treat Eczema in Babies

By |2022-07-25T13:58:49-05:00February 2nd, 2020|Natural Parenting|

When babies enter this world, they have the softest, purest skin. But over time, as they are exposed to environmental factors, they can develop a skin irritation known as eczema that can be both irritating to them and stressful for mom and dad. Believe it or not, trying to treat eczema has spurred some heated debates because nobody knows for sure how to cure it. Some parents turn to medication [...]

How to Raise Environmentally Aware Children, 3 Easy Steps

By |2020-01-04T11:39:52-06:00January 4th, 2020|Natural Parenting|

The decision to have kids is something that no one should take lightly. Child-rearing is a huge responsibility that demands a lot of adjustments from you and your partner. After all, your parenting has lifelong consequences for your child. Basically, your task is to mold the little ones into productive people who contribute significantly to their communities. Because of this, choosing the right school for them is naturally a major [...]

Mommy Needs a Time Out

By |2019-10-28T13:39:29-05:00October 21st, 2019|Natural Parenting|

Namaste, Ladies I’m one of those working moms who is always asked how I do it all. I’m not proud of it. It’s really just a testament to my ability to smack a smile on my face regardless of how insane I’m feeling at the moment. I think most working moms ( and let’s be honest this includes women who stay at home and their full-time job is being their [...]

Tooth Banking – Information for Parents

By |2019-10-14T12:02:48-05:00October 7th, 2019|Natural Parenting|

Tooth Banking – FAQs and Answers You Should Know You've undoubtedly heard of cord blood banking. It's the process of preserving umbilical cord blood, and it's done to save a newborn's stem cells for future medical use. The downside with this is that there's only a short window of time in which to make a decision. And what happens if you didn't know saving cord blood was an option, or [...]

Is CBD Oil Safe During Pregnancy?

By |2019-10-30T10:48:50-05:00October 1st, 2019|Natural Parenting|

What is CBD Oil? CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, is a very popular remedy in 2019. Many people use it to help them sleep, as a pain reliever, and to treat anxiety and depression. Is CBD oil safe to take during pregnancy or while breastfeeding? When you are pregnant anything you ingest will affect your baby. That is why pregnant women need to be careful about everything that they put [...]

I Had A Cesarean, This Is My Story

By |2019-08-29T19:01:54-05:00August 29th, 2019|Natural Parenting|

Contractions began 5 days after my due date. My husband drove us to the hospital, we arrived around 6 pm. My contractions were irregular but continued throughout the night with little dilation. ⁠ ⁠I didn't sleep much (or at all). As each hour passed the pain intensified. My water didn’t break on its own. Finally dilating, I could no longer take the pain. The next morning I opted for the [...]

Why Pets Can Be Positive For Your Kids

By |2019-06-10T21:01:23-05:00June 10th, 2019|Natural Parenting|

If your children are begging for a pet but you are on the fence because of all the work involved, you may want to consider all the amazing benefits that pets can bring to your family. Scientific research shows that pets can have a profound positive impact on children. In fact, children’s physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development can improve when they interact with a family pet. Here are some [...]


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