Why Choosing Gifts That Give Back Is So Meaningful

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What if you could give a gift to your children that not only makes them happy and cozy, but also helps to make the world a better place? When you choose Cat & Dogma organic baby clothes, you are not only committing to improving our natural environment, you are also giving back to children around the world.   At the core of our company is our immeasurable compassion for children [...]

National Make A Difference Day- Celebrating Our Founder On Her Birthday!

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We caught up with our busy founder, Adrian, on her birthday (which happens to be National Make A Difference Day!) to chat about Motherhood, becoming an entrepreneur & inspiration. Adrian's full-hearted approach to business & motherhood is what fuels Cat & Dogma. Her passion for prosperity for the planet & humankind is as inspiring as it is soulful. Q: Why did you start Cat & Dogma?  A: After owning a conventional [...]