Moving For Expecting Moms

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So the time has come... moving. While it is not ideal to move when pregnant, sometimes life happens. Here are some pre, during, and post-moving tips.   No matter how well you handle stress, everyone becomes stressed when moving. Physical stress on your body can be lessened by getting help whether it be professional or from your support circle. However, emotional stress can be harder to prepare for. [...]

The Benefits of a Dog for Your Family

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Have you been debating on if a dog is right for your family? Adding a dog to your family has many pros, such as improving social interactions, aiding in child development, and reducing stress.   Recherche Kennels- Bernes   Now all you need to figure out is... What kind of dog is right for your family?! Some things to keep in mind are: Energy Level. Dogs with higher energy levels [...]

Fashion Revolution Week 2022

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In 2013, the Rana Plaza, a building in Bangladesh, which held five garment factories, and employed around 5,000 people collapsed. The people working in the building were manufacturing clothing for many of the largest global fashion brands. The collapse killed at least 1,132 people – mostly young women – and another 2,500 were injured, making it the fourth largest industrial disaster in history. Five months earlier, 112 workers lost their lives [...]

Fresh Insight For The First Time Mama

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Fresh Insight For The First Time Mama Without question, there are so many things that start swirling through your head when you see that pink line. And one quick Google search of “How to prepare for baby?” yields 2.7 BILLION search results. That is a never-ending rabbit hole, and one that is sure to make you think that you will never be as prepared as Google thinks you should be.  [...]

Screen Time Rules (and why they matter)

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Screen Time Rules (and why they matter) Before I became a mama, there were a lot of things I had ideas about. What to feed my kids, the way we’d speak to each other, the types of activities we’d participate in, the amount of time they’d spend in front of the television. To be honest, I clichély assumed that I could excel as a mother in all of these spaces [...]

Caffeine Consumption Prenatally & Postpartum

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Sometimes, when we are pregnant, it feels as if all we are subjected to is rules. Rules for how to exercise, how to eat, how to care for our bodies, how to feel, what to put on our skin. For the mama choosing to breastfeed or pump, the rules continue postpartum, as our bodies are working hard to make the milk meant to nourish our littles ones. As I walk [...]

The Newborn Stomach: It’s Smaller Than You Think!

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After assisting countless women give birth, as well as being the mama in the bed at my own two births, I feel that I can say with almost 100% certainty that the question of “Is my baby getting enough to eat?” dominates the thought of nearly every mama of every newborn. Those first few days, the newborn and breast milk system, beautiful though it is, doesn’t always appear to be [...]

Surviving Pandemic And Motherhood

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This pandemic has hit me like a ton of bricks. I’m a medical doctor, and I have a background in public health and epidemiology (the study of disease)- This has made me keenly aware of the impact COVID-19 would have on our lives, as well as the lasting changes it would make on our society. In early March, as I saw the tidal wave that was coming for us, I [...]

How to Practice “Elimination Communication” and Go Diaper-Free

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It may stink at first, but EC doesn't have to be all or nothing. Ever heard of “elimination communication”? I hadn’t either until I asked villagers in Myanmar what they did when their bare-bottomed infants had to poop or pee. “Take them to the toilet,” the women told me with a shrug. I was four months pregnant when my husband and I traveled through Southeast Asia. All of the naked [...]

How to Actually Recycle

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We’re having a bit of a recycling crisis. Officials in India announced that the country would no longer accept post-consumer plastic imports, in an effort to fight the pollution emitted in processing the often highly-contaminated loads the U.S. and other countries have been sending over. The ban won’t fully go into effect until August, but will only compound the problems America has been facing with its recyclables. A little over [...]