Have you been debating on if a dog is right for your family? Adding a dog to your family has many pros, such as improving social interactions, aiding in child development, and reducing stress.


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Now all you need to figure out is… What kind of dog is right for your family?! Some things to keep in mind are:

  • Energy Level. Dogs with higher energy levels may need daily walks, park visits, or a larger yard. However, dogs with lower energy or older dogs may not want to go on so many adventures with you. It is important to find a dog that will fit into your current lifestyle.
  • Size. Small, medium, and large dogs are all great, but you may want to think about how much strength you can handle. If you get a puppy, be sure to ask how much the puppy will grow.
  • Availability. Research different breeds and decide what will be best for your family. If you want a specific breed you can join Facebook groups, ask around, or go to your local shelter to find your fur baby.
  • Cost. Including upfront costs, pet insurance, and monthly expenses (food, toys, grooming, etc.)